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ARTECHE is a global organization that has manufacturing, technical and trade facilities worldwide, and has products installed in more than 175 countries around the world.

This worldwide presence, added to 75 years of experience, allows to directly meet the local needs of the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors, understanding the local demands and complexities.

ESITAS has been in the transformer industry more than 35 years, producing and serving Low and Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers (MV IT) up to 40,5kV (mainly block type).


ESITAS ELEKTRIK is the parent company of the group located in Istanbul, Turkey produces and sells Low and Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers (both Current - Voltage and Indoor-Outdoor Types), Low and Medium Voltage Insulators and LPCT’s. ESITAS ELEKTRIK is in the preferred suppliers list of Turkish Electric Authority, has been selling to many foreign electricity authorities and to various branches of multinational market leaders.

PT ESITAS PACIFIC is the Group’s production plant located in Jakarta Indonesia produces and sells Low and Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers (both Current-Voltage and Indoor-Outdoor Types), Low and Medium Voltage Insulators. Indonesia founded to serve the customers more conveniently in Asia Pacific zone and to further furnish its existence in the world market.




Create a quality and reliable manufacturer profile with respect to Instrument Transformer and Insulated Products in domestic and international markets. With Esitas brand, to ensure satisfaction, sincerity, trust and quality.


Be an enterprise that is renewed constantly, moving, established the responsibility and pragmatism approach, has a team acting in the same goals with the company,  aware of its responsibilites in relation with its stakeholders, benefit to the company and country economy.








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